Step into a dystopian world that operates on the interface between visual art and dance, feeling at home and discomfort, man and matter. A world where darkness and beauty merge. A world in which the capriciousness of our mortality and at the same time its beauty is examined in an idiosyncratic way.

MORI is a fragment from the cycle of mortality. It tells a story about the finiteness of existence and the infinite cycle of life.

In MORI, the two dancers return to their memory, almost like a lucid dream, to the moment when they died. They look for how they relate to each other in this final stage, what they cherish, abhor, leave behind and take with them.

Nina Iggy is an emerging multidisciplinary theater maker, living in Groningen. She makes raw, dynamic work that examines how a body relates to its environment. For MORI she joined forces with the dancers Edward Lloyd and Vivianna Fabiano and creature designer Jos Jacob for the scenography and costumes.

Nina: ‘With MORI I hope to take the viewer to a dream world where aesthetics and raw images reinforce each other. I interrupt the perception and encourage the creation of a new image.”

From 2022, Nina will be one of the makers at Station Noord, with supporting partners Welcome To The Village, Club Guy & Roni, NNT, Theater Festival Jonge Harten and Oerol. Co-producers are: Welcome To The Village, Big Fish Factory Foundation, WORM Rotterdam and gallery SIGN.

MORI is part of Nina’s talent development trajectory within Station Noord. During Welcome To The Village MORI will be shown as a work in progress performance. Later in the year, MORI will be developed into an installation performance in collaboration with gallery SIGN.


Nina Iggy – director
Jos Jacob – costume and set design
Edward Lloyd- dance
Viviana Fabiano – dance
Bart Bruinsma – composition
Myrthe Boshart – production
Lunatics and Poets – coaching
Big Fish Factory – producer
Station Noord – co-producer
Sign Groningen – co-producer
WORM Rotterdam – co-producer
Welcome To The Village – co-producer

Trailer: Trailer – MORI – YouTube