A box is dropped out of space with a creature inside that is searching for recognition and a place to identify with. The performance is about a search to discover how the environments and the creature relate to each other. How do we humans respond to the things nature is trying to tell us, if it is trying to tell us something. How does nature move us with her sounds and her motion? Are we going to be one with her or be a part of her. Are our memories related to how we feel in an environment and what are our memories of specific places? How do we react to them? Did we already know them? Are they connected? These questions will be translated in movements, surrealistic sounds and visuals in an organic, but at the same time, technological way. The creature will try to find her true shape to feel safe in. The audience can walk around during the performance and sound box, and it will play with the mind of the audience through surrealistic visuals, performance and sound.

Concept: Nina Iggy, Wendy Eggen & David Marcel de Jong
Kubus installatie: Myrthe Eijkhout
Muziek: David Marcel de Jong
Visuals: Wendy Eggen
Danser: Nina Iggy

The performance is still a work in progress.